Sieger Snow Rail

Installing Sieger Snow Rails on an Existing Slate Roof  

Need Slate Roofing Tools?

First, remove three slates for every snow rail bracket to be installed. Use a slate ripper to remove the slates. You can see a video showing how to use a slate ripper here.

Next, notch the bottom slate where the bracket is to be located. Use a slate cutter to notch the slate. There is a video showing how to cut slate here.

Renail that slate to the roof using two nails on one side, as shown. You will have to punch an extra nail hole on the one side of the slate using a slate hammer. There is a video showing how to punch nail holes in slate here.


Now, fasten the bracket to the roof using brass or stainless steel screws.

Replace the other two slates. The middle slate can be nailed with two nails on one side. The top slate must be installed using a copper or stainless steel slate hook. Space brackets approximately every 36" maximum.

Finally, install 1/2" heavy-duty "Type K" copper pipe, soldering the sections together using copper couplings. Solder copper end caps at the terminations. Now you have a top-quality snow retention system suitable for most residential applications. For larger, institutional applications, Use the Mullane 500 3-pipe system


Need Slate Roofing Tools?